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Solutions from Briess for your distilling success

Producing fine artisan whiskey and spirits is your passion. Producing them efficiently for financial success is your daily grind — planning, hard work, following good manufacturing practices and occasionally turning to trusted experts for advice.

That's where we come in. The Briess technical team includes some of the industry's leading professional brewers, microbiologists, food scientists and sensory experts. We know malting, brewing and mashing, and apply our expertise to help our customers get the most possible out of their ingredients.

The result? A portfolio of traditional and innovative ingredients, solutions and services developed specifically for your distilling success. From traditional specialties like rich flavored Smoked Malt to innovative High Yield Flours, we are dedicated to your success and growth.

Briess offers a full line of malt and raw grains in whole kernel, preground and flour. Briess malt extracts and pregelatinized grains can help you save time and money. And they're all made in the U.S.A. to help you maintain the authentic integrity of your American whiskey and spirits.

Browse our portfolio of malt and adjunct ingredients, and contact us for samples or to discuss your unique distilling challenges and needs.