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Product List at-a-glance

Briess processes a complete line of malt, malt extracts, raw grains and flakes for your craft distilling pleasure, so you can preserve the authentic character of your American whiskey and other artisan spirits without stifling your creative energy.


Fresh and readily available for your production schedule, the Briess line of distilling ingredients include both diastatic Base Malts and nondiastatic Specialty Malts offered in high yield flour, whole kernel and preground forms.


Scroll through the at-a-glance product list below to see the entire list of Briess malts, high yield flours, raw grains, flakes and malt extracts. For more detailed product information. click on the product catgegory links to the left..

Name DP Color
Distillers Malt 250 2.4
Brewers Malt 140 1.8
Full Pint Brewers Malt 150 1.7
Pilsen Malt 140 1.2
Pale Ale Malt 85 3.5
Goldpils® Vienna Malt 80 3.5
Ashburne® Mild Malt 65 5.3
Rye Malt 105 3.7
Wheat Malt, Red 140 2.3
Wheat Malt, White 140 2.5
Smoked Malt, Apple Wood 140 6.0
Smoked Malt, Cherry Wood 140 5.0
Smoked Malt, Mesquite 140 5.0
Bonlander® Munich Malt 10L 40 10
Aromatic Munich Malt 20L 20 20
Victory® Malt   28
Carapils® Malt   1.5
Special Roast Malt   40
Extra Special Malt   130
Caramel Malt 10L   10
Caramel Malt 20L   20
Caramel Malt 30L   30
Caramel Malt 40L   40
Caramel Malt 60L   60
Caramel Malt 80L   80
Caramel Malt 90L   90
Caramel Malt 120L   120
Caramel Rye Malt   60
Caracrystal® Wheat Malt   55
Caramel Vienne Malt 20L   20
Caramel Munich Malt 60L   60
Carabrown® Malt   55
Chocolate Malt   350
Dark Chocolate Malt   420
Black Malt   500
Blackprinz® Malt   500
Midnight Wheat Malt   550
Roasted Barley   300
Black Barley   500
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Red Wheat Raw    
Rye Raw    
Yellow Corn Raw    
White Wheat Raw    
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Distillers Malt Flour    
Malted Barley Flour Whole Grain    
Malted Wheat Flour Whole Grain    
Malted Rye Flour    
Smoked Malt, Apple Wood Flour    
Smoked Malt, Cherry Wood Flour    
Smoked Malt, Mesquite Flour    
Baker's Chocolate Malted Barley Flour Whole Grain    
Red Wheat Raw Flour    
Rye Raw Flour    
Yellow Corn Raw Flour    
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Insta Grains® Barley Flakes    
Insta Grains® Yellow Corn Thin Flakes    
Insta Grains® Red Wheat Flakes    
Insta Grains® Rye Flakes    
Insta Grains® Oat Flakes    
Insta Grains® Brown Rice Flakes    
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CBW® Pilsen Light    
CBW® Bavarian Wheat    
CBW® Golden Light    
CBW® Pale Ale    
CBW® Goldpils® Vienna    
CBW® Munich    
CBW® Rye    
CBW® Sparkling Amber    
CBW® Traditional Dark    
Maltoferm® 10000    
Maltoferm® A-6000    
Maltoferm® A-6001    
Maltoferm® CR-45    
Brewers Corn Syrup    
* More packaging options are available.    
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