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Briess CBW®...now available in 30lb mini-pails

Briess is excited to roll out a new CBW® liquid malt extract packaging option for the home and craft brewing communities—the 30-pound mini-pail.


A big sister to the 3.3-pound canister and little sister to the 5-gallon pail, the mini-pail offers features and benefits that homebrew retailers, homebrewers and commercial brewers alike will appreciate:


  • Click here to open a pdf with dispensing tips.
  • Sturdy handle for carrying and pouring
  • Reuseable
  • Food-grade
  • Dispense just the amount you want for creative brewing, small gravity adjustments, minor flavor or color adjustments, and yeast propagation.
  • The entire bucket is just the right amount to nail your gravity every time:
    • +1.001 gravity points on a 33bbl system
    • +1.003 gravity points on a 10bbl system


Talk to your homebrew store or distributor about the entire line of Briess CBW® liquid malt extracts, available in these packaging options:


CBW® Style Color at 8º Plato 3.3lb Canister 30lb Mini-Pail 5gal Pail 55gal Drum
Pilsen 2 x x x x
Bavarian Wheat 3 x x x x
Golden Light 4 x x x x
Goldpils® Vienna 6 x x x  
Pale Ale 6 x x x  
Munich 8 x x x


Rye 9 x x x x
Sparkling Amber 10 x x x x
Porter 17 x x x x
Traditional Dark 30 x x x x