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Briess malt extracts...new look, new styles

This past year our line of pure brewer's grade CBW® malt extracts received a double makeover. First, we added several new styles including Munich, Rye and Special Dark. Then we gave the whole family a new look with these stylish labels. The labels are plastic, so they won't distintegrate in water. And they pull easily and cleanly off the recyclable, reuseable canisters. Most styles are available in 3.3-pound canisters and bulk 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Contact your distributor for details.

We take considerable pride producing these true brewer's grade malt extracts in a 500bbl brewhouse, and keeping America's homebrewers equipped with the finest, freshest malt extract available. Many pro brewers also find these malt extracts valuable in the brewhouse for yeast propagation and for color, flavor and gravity adjustment.

Visit our extracts product page for more information on how we make them, and for product information on the entire line of CBW® and Maltoferm® malt extracts.Happy homebrewing and thanks for visiting the Briess website!