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Liquid Totes

If you're using large quantities of LME or syrups from Briess, it may be beneficial to purchase it in Liquid Totes. Liquid Totes offer a way to receive 3,000 pounds of liquid extract or syrup, reducing the time and labor required for handling multiple drums or pails. Check out these benefits:

  • Eliminates shipping costs associated with returnable totes
  • Stack up to three totes high
  • Completely recyclable and biodegradable
  • Efficient use of storage space over drums or pails
  • Tamper evident seal on fill spout

When deciding if Liquid Totes are right for your operation, keep their size weight and dimensions in mind for handling and storing purposes:

  • 3,000-Pounds Net (1,367 kg)
  • 3,150-Pounds Gross (1,431 kg) | 1 tote per pallet
  • Corrugated support with disposable food-grade liner
  • 3" discharge bottom port
  • Ball valve and cutter available for easy removal of product
  • Non-returnable, four-way wooden pallet
  • Standard 40" x 48" pallet (110 cm x 120 cm)
  • Stacked pallet height is about 45" (114 cm)
  • Totes are secured by strapping

Handling Liquid Totes

Handling Liquid Totes requires a forklift or an overhead winch which must be able to lift up to 3,200 pounds safely. If you are considering Liquid Totes, contact your Briess Division Manager who can discuss handling and dispensing options with you.We work with a number of vendors who supply handling equipment, and will work with both you and the vendor to help identify the handling system best and most cost effectively suited to your operation.

Photo Captions

  • The food-grade plastic bladder is protected by a corrugated sleeve and corrugated cap.
  • A threaded cap covers the spout. Placement of the spout on the front of the pallet is standard.
  • Unscrew the threaded cap to reveal the bladder.
  • The Ball Valve Assembly is inserted into the spout where it punctures the bladder while being screwed into place. Gravity dispenses the product when the valve is turned to the “open” position.

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Liquid Tote

Threaded Cap Covers the SpoutUnscrewing the Cap Cover Reveals the BladderBall Valve Assembly