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[10.30.17] Briess announced Manitowoc expansion
[02.06.17] Briess introduces easy-to-use 32lb malt extract growler
[11.18.16] Briess extracts now available in 30lb mini-pails
[07.08.16] Gordon Lane to retire as Briess President/COO
[04.27.16] Three new malts expand Briess product portfolio
[04.26.16] Celebrating Briess 140th anniversary with four CBC beers
[04.26.16] Briess elevator falcons attracking a large audience
[10.08.15] It's here! Briess releases Caramel Rye Malt
[10.08.15] Briess introduces two single-malt extracts
[02.10.15] Briess introduces new Mesquite Smoked Malt
[01.19.15] Briess commissions third, and largest, malthouse
[01.15.15] Briess transitions to 100% 2-row malts
[08.18.14] Carabrown® Malt now available year round
[03.20.14] Briess acquires storage, handling facilities
[03.03.14] Caracrystal® Wheat Malt now available year round
[06.03.13] New from Briess: CBW® Rye malt extract
[04.02.13] Briess acquires Wyoming barley elevator and seed plant
[09.18.12] Green With Briess takes another step forward
[09.11.12] Briess recognized a third time as 'Patriotic Employer'
[02.08.12] New Goldpils® Vienna Malt pays tribute to Briess ancestry
[02.08.12] Briess is named a "Patriotic Employer"
[12.12.11] Blackprinz®, Midnight Wheat are now both standard malts
[12.12.11] Maltster's Reserve Series Malts now available for 6 months
[11.03.11] Caracrystal® Wheat Malt now available through June
[11.03.11] Briess featured in regional business magazine
[06.22.11] Midnight Wheat Malt now available year 'round
[06.22.11] Briess named Business Friend of the Environment
[02.25.11] Briess named Wis. Manufacturer of the Year-Medium Cat.
[02.28.11] The Country Malt Group is new authorized distributor
[09.15.10] Briess releases Blackprinz© Malt
[07.28.10] Briess releases Midnight Wheat Malt
[04.13.10] Briess releases Carabrown® Malt
[01.08.10] Briess recognized as 'Energy Saver'
[10.20.09] New! Caracrystal® Wheat Malt
[10.20.09] New! Maltster's Reserve Series
[03.30.09] Briess releases Smoked Malt
[02.24.09] Organic Pale Ale Malt released
[01.19.09] Organic Black Malt released
[01.19.09] Roger Briess Scholarship awarded
[07.30.08] Briess reopens second malthouse
[07.21.08] Briess is Miller's Partner In Excellence
[03.28.08] Briess launches new website
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