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2011 Grow Your Own Barley, Breweries in barley-growing regions received packets of raw barley and raw wheat to grow in plots or pots by their breweries. Check out pix they sent us of their grain gardens.

2008 Wisconsin Micro Brewers Beer Fest, Chilton, Wis. Hosted annually by Rowland's Calumet Brewing Company (which happens to be just up Main Street from Briess! How cool is that!)

2008 Craft Brewers Conference, San Diego, Calif.. Briess and HopUnion once again teamed up to sponsor the Welcome Reception held at Stone Brewing Company.

2007 Craft Brewers Conference, Austin, Texas. Briess and HopUnion teamed up to sponsor the Welcome Reception held at the legendary Stubb's Bar-B-Q.

2007 GABF, Denver, Colorado. Briess—Small Brewpub of the Year Award Sponsor and Pro-Am Sponsor.

2006 Ska Brewing Company—Winner of 130th anniversary "Have a Ball at Briess" drawing roasts its own malt.

2006 Craft Brewers Conference, Seattle, Wash. The tag team of HopUnion and Briess sponsored the Welcome Reception held at Hale's Ales.

Ralph Olson of HopUnion and Gordon Lane of BriessKirby Nelson of Capital Brewing in Middleton, Wis., Pat Rowland of Rowland's Calumet Brewing Co. in Chilton, and Bob Hansen of Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. brewin' beer in 2006.The late Roger Briess and Karl Strauss.

The Late Roger Briess and Bob Rowland

The late Michael Jackson.