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Ska Brewing Roasts Its Own Malt, December 2006

Brad Stillmank, then brewer at Ska Brewing Company in Durango, Colorado, cashed in his grand prize as winner of the Have a Ball at Briess™ contest when he roasted a caramel malt in a traditional K-Ball Roaster at the Briess malthouse in Chilton, Wisconsin. Brad, who was assisted in the production by co-worker and Ska Head Brewer Jeff Ogden, named the once-in-a-lifetime production Ska's Natural Elation Malt, a USDA certified organic malt. Briess held the contest to celebrate its 130th anniversary.

The whole crew.
Brad holds the finished malt. Jeff gets a soda from the machine.
Touring the malthouse. Shoveling germinated barley out of a germination compartment.
The empty roaster. Preparing the K-Ball Roaster.
Veteran K-Ball Operator assists with the loading process. Loading the K-Ball Roaster.
Brad's having fun. Sampling the malt while it's roasting.
Emptying the K-Ball Roaster. Cooling the finished malt.
The cooling bin says it all. It's not all hard work.
Talking shop. Outside the malthouse.
The 500bbl brew kettle in the extract plant. Touring the extract plant.

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