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2008 Chilton Beer Fest

Officially known as the Wisconsin Micro Brewers Beer Fest and hosted by Rowland's Calumet Brewing Company of Chilton, Wisconsin, the fest drew 2,800 beer afficianados to Chilton for a day of great beer, music and fun on Sunday, May 18, 2008. Chilton is home not only to Calumet Brewing Company but also to Briess Malt & Ingredients Company. And we couldn't be more thrilled to have 21 of the state's great breweries come to town with their beer! The fest is going on 20 years old, and almost doubles the town's population of 4,000 when the slew of designated drivers and festival workers are added to the mix. Thanks to the Rowland family for continuing to host this fun and successful event. Bob, we miss you! Cheers!

Hosts Bonita (right) and Kelly Rowland Host Brewer Pat Rowland
Kirby Nelson of Capital Brewing Company, Middleton, WI Muskie Capital Brewery of Hayward, WI
Tyranena Brewing Co. of Lake Mills, WI Russell Klisch of Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee
Todd Krueger of Sand Creek Brewing Co., Black River Falls, WI Steve Lonsway of Stone Cellar Brewery, Appleton, WI
Takin' a load off!
Smile! Takes beer seriously!
Water Street Brewery, Milwaukee You go, girl!
J.T. Whitney's Brewpub, Madison Moosejaw Pizza & Brewing Co. of Wisconsin Dells, WI
Paul Graham of Central Waters Brewing Co., Amherst, WI OMG!
Sprecher Brewing Co. of Glendale, WI
We're not sure, but we'd like to know too!
Jerry Schneider Band.
Copper Box.
Hey, get me a beer!
Bottom's up!

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