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Quality Ingredients—
Naturally grown, meticulously crafted


At Briess we believe "The best handcrafted beer starts with the finest handcrafted malt." But handcrafting fine malt for today's discerning craft brewers requires more than a highly skilled staff and superior malting expertise. It requires passion for malting and brewing, and a consistent source of the highest quality raw material available.


That's why Briess controls its supply chain from grower to brewer. Starting with a network of experienced barley growers and grain processing operations in Wyoming to multiple malting and roasting operations in Wisconsin, Briess produces the finest line of handcrafted available for your brewing success.


Honed by decades of malting expertise and innovation, the Briess line of base and specialty malts delivers flavor, color and top brewhouse performance to all styles of beer, from award-winning traditional Belgian Ales to experimental American beers. And starting in 2015, all Briess malts are produced exclusively from high quality 2-row North American malting barley after 6-row barley products were eliminated due to ongoing changes in the barley market.


Browse our portfolio of malt and adjunct ingredients, and contact us for samples or more information.